City Nature Challenge: Greater Adelaide 2022

The City Nature Challenge has been running since 2016 when it was started as a competition between Los Angeles and San Francisco to record urban biodiversity using the iNaturalist platform. During a 7-day period, over 20,000 observations were made of 2500 species by over 1,000 participants. In 2017 the number of cities involved grew to 16, in 2018 it grew to 68 cities from various countries. In 2019 a full 159 cities participated and then 244 cities in 2020. Last year 419 cities participated from 44 countries, producing 1.27 million observations from 52,000 participants.

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Species in Your Backyard

Exactly how many species can be found in a typical suburban backyard?

Consider your yard, and have a guess how many species you might be able to find in it. Don’t count any cultivated or captive species. Obviously yards will range from courtyard to acreage, so your estimates will differ. Unless you are someone who regularly looks for life in their yard, your estimate could be out by a factor of 5 to 10. For a more detailed consideration, check out the post How Many Species?. Below you can find some tips of how to locate these often elusive species on your property.

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How Many Species?

How many species would you expect can be found it a typical suburban backyard? Maybe 50? Or perhaps 100? More? The question is a little vague, so lets try to narrow it down.

There are going to be quite a few factors that affect exactly how many species you are likely to find on a suburban property.

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