SA iNaturalists – May 2022

This May saw 8,137 observations covering 1,726 species from a total of 494 observers. This extended wet weather has really put a damper on observations. There were 66 species receiving their first iNat record in SA. This month saw a record 90 new observers contributing their first observations in SA. Upon this months observations, 521... Continue Reading →

Aldinga Reef (2nd May, 2022)

Context: Limestone platform extending 400 meters out from the coastal cliffs forming part of the Aldinga Reef Sanctuary Zone. Walk to the edge of the platform during low tide. Snorkel off the edge. Keep an eye out for Red-capped Plovers and Red-necked Stints. iNaturalist Projects Aldinga Reef Sanctuary Zone, South Australia NATUREhoodz Aldinga to Maslin... Continue Reading →

Brodie Road Wetland (2nd May, 2022)

Context: Manmade wetlands along Christie Creek as part of the City of Onkaparinga’s Water Proofing the South project. Home to many water Birds, visiting Black-fronted Dotterels and Pied Stilts. iNaturalist Projects NATUREhoodz Brodie Road Wetland See the full list of 27 observations covering 18 species on iNaturalist On the final day of the City Nature... Continue Reading →

Onkaparinga River NP (1st May, 2022)

Context: 15.4km2 of steep river valley, remnant Eucalyptus woodland, degraded ex-farmland infested with introduced European Olive, and revegetation sites. Numerous recreational walking tracks and lookouts over the valley and down to the river. Includes Hardy's Scrub on the the south side of Chapel Hill Road. iNaturalist Projects Onkaparinga River National Park, South Australia Ferals in... Continue Reading →

Jupiter Creek Diggings (1st May, 2022)

Context: Native woodland covering historic gold minefield with numerous mine shafts throughout. Landscape sloping down toward a feeder creek for the Echunga Creek system. Includes a section of the Heysen Trail. Messmate Stringybark, Cup Gum and Pink Gum woodland over Beaked Hakea, Heath Tea-tree, Large-leaf Bush Pea, Honeypots and Fire Daisy. Keep an eye out... Continue Reading →

Rocky Creek Forest (1st May, 2022)

Context: A 3.4km2 section of ForestrySA's Kuitpo Forest consisting of pine, softwood and hardwood plantations, and a small section of native forest, camp grounds and recreation areas. iNaturalist Projects Rocky Creek Forest, South Australia Birding Hot Spot - Rocky Creek Forest, Meadows South Australia See the full list of 94 observations covering 46 species on... Continue Reading →

Mount Bold Reservoir (1st May, 2022)

Context: 55km2 of natural woodland, creeks, and forestry reserves surrounding the largest reservoir in SA, on the Onkaparinga River. Walking trails open to the public from Razorback Road in 2022. Messmate Stringybark, Pink Gum, and Cup Gum mid woodland over Golden Wattle, Large-leaf Bush Pea, Beaked Hakea, Heath Tea-tree, Slaty Oak-bush, Austral Bracken, Wire Rapier-sedge... Continue Reading →

Mount Billy CP (30th Apr, 2022)

Context: 200 hectares of Brown Stringybark, Cup Gum, Manna Gum, and Pink Gum woodland over Heath Tea-tree, Beaked Hakea, Silver Banksia, Flat-leaf Grass-tree, Common Flat-Pea, Austral Bracken and numerous Orchids. Keep an eye out for Wallflower, Rabbit and Hare Orchids, Purple Beard Orchids, Pygmy Sundews, and Bassian Thrush. iNaturalist Projects Mount Billy Conservation Park, South... Continue Reading →

Spring Mount CP (30th Apr, 2022)

Context: 2.8km2 of mature Brown and Messmate Stringybark over Beaked Hakea, Large-leaf Bush Pea, Common Heath, Common Flat-pea, Honeypots and Wire Rapier-sedge. Breeding ground for the Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo and habitat for the Bassian Thrush. Look out for Hairy Correa, Dwarf Micrantheum, Scrambling Guinea-flower and Yellow-footed Antechinus. iNaturalist Projects Spring Mount Conservation Park, South Australia See... Continue Reading →

Lady Bay Beach (30th Apr, 2022)

Context: Rocky reef beach extending from Normanville Beach down to Wirrina Cove, HMAS Hobart wreck offshore, and a seashell filled beach south of the lookout. iNaturalist Projects Lady Bay to Wirrina Cove, South Australia See the full list of 129 observations covering 82 species on iNaturalist Location three on the second day of the City... Continue Reading →

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