Scott Creek CP (11th Sept, 2022)

Typical of early Spring, the sun shines during the week and it rains on the weekends just when I’m available to get outdoors. This Sunday wasn’t too bad though, light drizzle at most. Still, overcast and tough conditions for getting good photos. Also cool, keeping the Insects grounded.

I took to Scott Creek Conservation Park to wander a section I’ve not visited before. Starting at the staging area along Frith Road I hopped the fence and followed the rough vehicle track west until opposite Thornley Road, then headed north, down the hill along the edge of the scrub.

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Scott Creek CP (16th Apr, 2022)

As of March 2022 the burnt sections of this park, east of Dorset Vale Road, have now reopened to the public. After creating an iNaturalist Project to collect observations post bushfire, I’ve been eager to revisit.

We’d thought the warm day would be good for a short walk along Neville Rd, Currawong Ridge Track, Bandicoot Track and Matthews Rd. But at 30°C, humid, no wind and all the tree canopy removed by the fire, it was unexpectedly hot.

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