Byards Wetland (12th Feb, 2022)

Context: Constructed in 2013 by the City of Onkaparinga as part of stage 2 of it’s Water Proofing the South initiative, this now established wetland consists of 9 ponds, surrounded by gravel paths with several bridges. The area has been fully revegetated.

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NATUREhoodz Byards Wetland

Birding Hot Spot – Byards Wetland, South Australia

A walk shortly after sunrise looping around most of the wetland ponds. This time of year the water level is low in most of the ponds with Pond H completely dry as usual.

An single Threskiornis molucca (Australian White Ibis) walked the bank of Pond I pushing its beak deep into the soft mud. Quite a few small groups of Ocyphaps lophotes (Crested Pigeon) dotted around the tracks. No sign of any Pacific Black Ducks, many of which at this location are hybrids with feral Mallards. A very quiet location at this early hour.

Species PageIconBinomialCommon NameObservations
3681Ocyphaps lophotesCrested Pigeon3
4872Vanellus milesMasked Lapwing2
418530Porphyrio melanotusAustralasian Swamphen2
357Gallinula tenebrosaDusky Moorhen1
3740Threskiornis moluccaAustralian White Ibis1
7176Chenonetta jubataAustralian Wood Duck1
8575Gymnorhina tibicenAustralian Magpie1
8583Grallina cyanoleucaMagpie-lark1
12231Manorina melanocephalaNoisy Miner1
12632Phylidonyris novaehollandiaeNew Holland Honeyeater1