Byards Wetland (12th Feb, 2022)

A walk shortly after sunrise looping around most of the wetland ponds. This time of year the water level is low in most of the ponds with Pond H completely dry as usual.

An single Threskiornis molucca (Australian White Ibis) walked the bank of Pond I pushing its beak deep into the soft mud. Quite a few small groups of Ocyphaps lophotes (Crested Pigeon) dotted around the tracks. No sign of any Pacific Black Ducks, many of which at this location are hybrids with feral Mallards. A very quiet location at this early hour.

Byards Wetland

Constructed in 2013 by the City of Onkaparinga as part of stage 2 of it’s Water Proofing the South initiative, this now established wetland consists of 9 ponds, surrounded by gravel paths with several bridges. The area has been fully revegetated.

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Birding Hot Spot – Byards Wetland, South Australia