UV Light (25th Feb, 2022)

A cool Summer evening with a slight breeze made for reasonable conditions to setup the the UV lamp and sheet.

Light: 50W UV CFL 71460

Direction: Sheet facing South-East

Runtime: 8pm – 11:30pm (3.5 hours)

Observations: 26

Species: 21

Interesting Record: First Hednota longipalpella (Pasture Webworm) of the year. Previous records were all in March and April, so this is an early sighting

Species PageIconBinomialCommon NameObservations
48200MelolonthinaeJune Beetles1
52425ChrysopidaeGreen Lacewings1
53505MiridaePlant Bugs1
211192Micromus tasmaniaeTasmanian Brown Lacewing1
244280Spectrotrota fimbrialis1
244282Endotricha pyrosalis1
244284Nacoleia rhoeoalis1
244344Scopula rubrariaPlantain moth1
330517Crocidosema plebejanaCotton Tipworm Moth1
342329Idaea philocosmaFlecked Wave Moth1
355077Tachystola hemisema1
384827Achyra affinitalisCotton Web Spinner1
471450Hednota longipalpellaPasture Webworm1
471460Monopis icterogastraWool Moth1
471504Persectania ewingiiSouthern Armyworm1
602535Sigilliclystis insigillataInsigillated Pug1