UV Light (5th Mar, 2022)

A cool, overcast, and a little windy evening wasn’t ideal for the moth sheet, but anecdotally these nights seem to bring in a different range of species.

Light: 50W UV CFL 71460

Direction: Sheet facing South-East

Runtime: 8pm – 9:30pm (1.5 hours). Stopped due to rain.

Observations: 19

Species: 15

Interesting Records:

A Pond Moth (Hygraula nitens). I’ve only sighted once before in April last year. 1,000 observations of these on iNat across AU and NZ, but no records of the aquatic larva. The larva are covered in ‘gills structures’ rather than hairs. Might be worth skimming my small pond to see what turns up.

A Leaf Blotch Miner Moth in the Genus Dialectica. The first Leaf Blotch Miner from my property. It could be a native species but is likely the intentionally introduced Echium Leaf Miner (Dialectica scalariella).

A Bark-louse I’ve not seen before. As yet unidentified. I’ll need to do some research to narrow this one down if possible.