UV Light (16th Apr, 2022)

Another warm still night, perhaps one of the last before the cooler weather sets it.

Light: 50W UV CFL 71460

Direction: Sheet facing South-East

Runtime: 8:30pm – 11:10pm (2 hours 40 minutes).

Observations: 32

Species: 24

Interesting Records:

  • My 6th time recording an Australian Variable Lacewing (Drepanacra binocula). This particular one was a significantly lighter colour than the others. The adults and larvae feed on aphids, psyllids and whiteflies. As such to accommodate these in the yard, I should aim to have many herbaceous Plants as suitable food supply for its prey.
  • My 2nd record of a Rough Bollworm (Earias huegeliana), the last from Feb 2021. Its typical native food Plants are not local, so its presence here is likely the result of it also being a pest species on commercial Cotton.
  • A Mantidfly, potentially Austromantispa imbecilla. While I’ve seen a Campion sp. here previously, this one is quite different. The larvae of Austromantispa sp. attach themselves to female spiders, enter the egg sac as it is produced and mature inside.

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Species PageIconBinomialCommon NameObservations
53505MiridaePlant Bugs2
33449Christinus marmoratusSouthern Marbled Gecko1
53237CicadellidaeTypical Leafhoppers1
124417ApocritaNarrow-waisted Wasps, Ants, and Bees1
125231Utetheisa pulchelloidesHeliotrope Moth1
126824Orthodera ministralisAustralian Garden Mantis1
134123Sphenarches anisodactylusFire-flag Plume Moth1
211192Micromus tasmaniaeTasmanian Brown Lacewing1
225223Monopis crocicapitellaBird Nest Moth1
341427Agrotis mundaBrown Cutworm1
355063Uraba lugensGum Leaf Skeletonizer1
355155Hoplostega ochroma1
388754Drepanacra binoculaAustralian Variable Lacewing1
417820Anestia ombrophanesClouded Footman1
489263Scopula optivataVaried Wave Moth1
490173Earias huegelianaRough Bollworm1
491168Proteuxoa tortisignaStreaked Rictonis1
494596Monopis meliorellaBlotched Monopis Moth1
559021Austromantispa imbecilla1
911279Chrysolarentia gypsomelaGypsum Carpet Moth1
1362710Ardices glatignyiblack-and-white tiger moth1