UV Light (16th Apr, 2022)

Another warm still night, perhaps one of the last before the cooler weather sets it.

Light: 50W UV CFL 71460

Direction: Sheet facing South-East

Runtime: 8:30pm – 11:10pm (2 hours 40 minutes).

Observations: 32

Species: 24

Interesting Records:

  • My 6th time recording an Australian Variable Lacewing (Drepanacra binocula). This particular one was a significantly lighter colour than the others. The adults and larvae feed on aphids, psyllids and whiteflies. As such to accommodate these in the yard, I should aim to have many herbaceous Plants as suitable food supply for its prey.
  • My 2nd record of a Rough Bollworm (Earias huegeliana), the last from Feb 2021. Its typical native food Plants are not local, so its presence here is likely the result of it also being a pest species on commercial Cotton.
  • A Mantidfly, potentially Austromantispa imbecilla. While I’ve seen a Campion sp. here previously, this one is quite different. The larvae of Austromantispa sp. attach themselves to female spiders, enter the egg sac as it is produced and mature inside.