Hallett Cove CP (29th Apr, 2022)

I started off the City Nature Challenge 2022 with an early morning hike around a section of Hallett Cove CP that I rarely visit. Starting at the end of South Avenue I headed South along a vehicle track. Part way along, the track branches and heads through some remnant vegetation overlooking the sloping cliffs toward the ocean.

The morning was cold with the chance of light rain, so most species were waiting for the sun to come out.

Typical of this section of the park were the Golden Wattles (Acacia pycnantha), Drooping Sheoaks (Allocasuarina verticillata), and Kangaroo Thorn (Acacia paradoxa). Less common were the Common Boobialla (Myoporum insulare) and Native Apricot (Pittosporum angustifolium) with their bright fruit.

The understory is quite open with lots of introduced grasses, but where the track branches and heads toward the cliffs, the density increases with Seaberry Saltbush (Rhagodia candolleana), Pale Turpentine Bush (Beyeria lechenaultii) and Marsh Saltbush (Atriplex paludosa). Closer to the ground were Muntries (Kunzea pomifera), Barrier Saltbush (Enchylaena tomentosa), and Australian Pig Face (Carpobrotus rossii).

Interesting finds include:

Hallett Cove Conservation Park

54 hectares of coastal cliffs, revegetated and remnant vegetation, ancient Aboriginal settlements, exposed glacial pavements from the Permian glaciation and protective boardwalks. In 2021 the park became part of the Glenthorne Precinct with the opening of Glenthorne National Park–Ityamaiitpinna Yarta.

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Hallett Cove Conservation Park, South Australia

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