Profile: Streptopelia chinensis

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata

Subphylum Vertebrata

Class Aves

Order Columbiformes

Family Columbidae

Genus Streptopelia

Species Streptopelia chinensis

Ancient Greek streptos ‘twisted collar’

Ancient Greek peleia ‘wild dove’

Latin chinensis ‘Chinese’

Common Name Spotted Dove

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South Australian iNaturalist Research Grade Observations

My iNaturalist Research Grade Observations

Introduced to South Australia in 1881 as part of a naturalisation program. Now common in urban areas, displacing the native Geopelia placida (Peaceful Dove).

Identification Tips (SA Only):

  • Distinct spotted hind-collar. (Absent in juveniles)
  • Upper parts mid-brown

Similar Species (SA Only):

Similar Species (SA Only):

  • Ocyphaps lophotes (Crested Pigeon)
    • Distinct black crest on top of head
    • Black stripes on wings
    • Ground feeding similar to Spotted Dove
    • Modified primary feather creates an ‘alarm’ sound when launching

Similar Species (SA Only):

Similar Species (SA Only):

Biodiversity+ Accommodations

No intentional accommodations are made for this introduced species, however they utilize the yard throughout the year, wandering through foraging for seeds, visiting the birdbaths and sunning themselves on the expose sections of garden. They unfortunately attract domestic cats to the yard. They do provide a valuable food source for the local Collared Sparrowhawks and Brown Goshawks.