UV Light (12th Mar, 2022)

Light: 50W UV CFL 71460

Direction: Sheet facing South-East

Runtime: 8pm – 10:30pm (2.5 hours).

Observations: 41

Species: 24

Interesting Records:

Having the sheet mounted to a shed wall means easy access to a feast for flightless predators. This Isopedella leai (Cinnamon Huntsman) made its way onto the sheet and partook in a Crane Fly meal. A young Christinus marmoratus (Southern Marbled Gecko) took advantage of any Insects dropping to the ground, but the adults which frequently visit were absent.

A couple of Conocephalus sp. (Lesser Meadow Katydids) turned up and climbed to the top of the sheet. A new species on the property. More commonly I find Elephantodeta sp.

A new Tineidae sp. (Fungus/Clothes Moths). Within this Family I frequently sight Monopis meliorella (Blotched Monopis Moth), and Monopis crocicapitella (Bird Nest Moth).

Species PageIconBinomialCommon NameObservations
33449Christinus marmoratusSouthern Marbled Gecko1
47404PterophoridaePlume Moths1
48736CurculionidaeTrue Weevils1
53248ElateridaeClick Beetles1
53275ChironomidaeNon-biting Midges1
61267HeteropteraTrue Bugs1
62163HydropsychidaeNet-spinning Caddisflies1
118890ConocephalusLesser Meadow Katydids1
208095Stathmopoda auriferella1
210509Harmonia conformisLarge Spotted Ladybird1
211192Micromus tasmaniaeTasmanian Brown Lacewing1
225223Monopis crocicapitellaBird Nest Moth1
233683Xanthogaleruca luteolaElm Leaf Beetle1
244282Endotricha pyrosalis1
244284Nacoleia rhoeoalis1
342329Idaea philocosmaFlecked Wave Moth1
494596Monopis meliorellaBlotched Monopis Moth1
542831Hypsopygia albidalis1
828976Isopedella leaiCinnamon Huntsman1
891985Mallada tripunctatus1