Milestone: Belair National Park 10,000 Observations

Belair National Park iNaturalist Project has reached 10,000 observations!

Congratulations to the 263 observers who have contributed to this being the first Protected Parks Project in South Australia to reach this milestone, and the 696 identifiers who have provided 17,700 IDs.

The top 10 observers have recorded 73% of the total observations, with 253 observers providing the remaining 27%.

To date, 1211 species have been recorded in the park, of which 169 are introduced species. The most recorded species is the Waxlip Orchid (Glossodia major) with 158 records. Other taxa include:

Check out the full list of favourite observations.

If you have any expertise, help out with observation identifications for Belair National Park.

Don’t let this milestone convince you this park has been fully explored. There are still many tracks with no records at all, and many more with limited records for specific taxa. So get out there and keep exploring.