Happy Valley Reservoir (19th Mar, 2022)

A park I’ve been meaning to visit since it opened, but have been reluctant given the expansive carpark is frequently full. For this introductory walk we followed the western part of the South Loop, from the Southern carpark, across the dam wall to the Western Carpark, and back again.

The mature Eucalypts near the carpark provide some shade and quality nesting sites for the Birds. Both Galahs and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos appeared to be staking out some hollows. The breeze coming across the reservoir, north to south, took the edge off the hot weather. In this sections of the park there’s limited understory, but quite a population of Native Apricot (Pittosporum angustifolium). Wherever the Eucalypts had accessible branches close to the ground, we found numerous Honeybrown Beetles (Ecnolagria sp.). A couple of Pacific Black Ducks in the reservoir showed orange legs indicating they were hybridised with feral Mallards. There are many such hybrids downstream from the reservoir as far as the Fountain Valley Drive pond.

Near the dam wall there were a few Western Grey Kangaroos (Macropus fuliginosus) feeding on the green vegetation closer to the edge of the water. Another on the sloping outer face of the dam wall. The breeze dropped away along the exposed dam wall and the heat radiated back from the gravel track, making it rather unpleasant. Although the dam wall was all stone down to the water’s edge, a few Birds were making use of this area. A Little Pied Cormorant (Microcarbo melanoleucos), a White-faced Heron (Egretta novaehollandiae) and a half-dozen Silver Gulls (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae).

Returning along the treed section of the path there were several Long-billed Corellas (Cacatua tenuirostris) and under the trees a Common Bronzewing (Phaps chalcoptera) trying to disappear.

As an introductory walk through the park, the dam wall seemed like the feature to see, but if you’re looking for nature perhaps heading to the more treed Eastern side of the reservoir might be more worth while.

Happy Valley Reservoir

Opened to the public in December 2022, as part of Glenthorne National Park, the reservoir offers 4 wide gravel walking trails, cycling, kayaking, fishing and facilities. This park is all about suburban recreation.

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